5 Reasons to Hire Using a Construction Recruitment Agency in 2022


With the never-ending demand for talent in industries such as construction and hospitality, recruitment can be an arduous and often expensive activity for businesses.

Not only does the process take time and money, but it can also be expensive if a business hires the wrong candidate. Recruitment agencies such as Total Solutions aim to tackle the problems of recruitment, head-on. They make the process more cost-effective and less risky for businesses.

Total Solutions, among other construction recruitment agencies, can help businesses grow with the right candidates for the job while allowing them to prioritize their day-to-day activities.

So, what are the main benefits of hiring a construction or hospitality recruitment agency in 2022?


1.    Guidance from the Construction Recruitment Experts

One of the biggest reasons that businesses choose to hire through a recruitment agency is because of the expert help and advice that they can provide. Agencies like Total Solutions are leaders in their field, and have matched hundreds of candidates to their jobs successfully.

There is no substitute for hiring experienced, qualified recruiters to advertise your job vacancies and separate the wheat from the chaff. With a wealth of knowledge about market trends, industry salaries and the key skills required by employers, a recruitment agency, Ireland, is the key to unlocking the potential of a business.

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2.    An Efficient Process

Not only do specialist construction recruitment agencies such as Total Solutions have the know-how to find businesses great candidates, they are extremely efficient at doing so.

With tried-and-tested processes, a business will save a great deal of time when utilizing a hospitality recruitment agency. There’s much less admin to contend with, and Total Solutions can separate out the qualified individuals from the time-wasters, so a business doesn’t have to.

Using a recruitment agency, Ireland can ensure that construction and hospitality businesses don’t have to spend a large amount of time sifting through endless CVs and applications. This leaves business owners with more time to focus on other things, such as day-to-day operations.


3.    A Cost-Effective Method of Recruitment

Advertising job vacancies can be a costly expense for businesses. With some advertisement platforms charging up to £50 per day for one advert, the costs can quickly stack up.

If you hire through a construction recruitment agency such as Total Solutions, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay, and when you’ll be paying it. This means there won’t be any surprise charges for you to contend with.

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4.    Risk-Mitigation

Finding a great candidate also cuts down your expenses by reducing the risk of costly hiring mistakes. Hiring the wrong candidate can result in wasted training costs and reduced efficiency. It can also lead to a business having to start the entire recruitment process from scratch again.

Construction and hospitality recruitment agencies such as Total Solutions take on some of the risk for a business. By not charging a fee until an applicant is successful and offering a probationary period, the risk to businesses of hiring the wrong individual are significantly reduced.

5.    A Larger Pool of Applicants

Lastly, with an established presence in the industry and a great position amongst competitors, specialist construction and hospitality recruitment agencies such as Total Solutions are able to attract a wide range of diverse, highly-qualified candidates.

When hiring through a construction recruitment agency, businesses have a large database of candidates that have already been assessed and background-checked at their fingertips. To put it simply, a business hiring through a recruitment agency, Ireland, has the best chance of hiring a fantastic candidate for their role.

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